Thursday, November 19, 2009

Losing Hope in Dr.'s Office

Really??????? I am soooo ready for this week to be over! I am frustrated, disappointed, and losing hope. I have accepted that maybe I won't be doing the TAC in December. Of course, this realization sparks me into a panic attack every time I think about it.

I called D. toady and asked her the status of my file, did she hear anything, etc. To my amazement (actually it was more a fulfillment of my expectations because I knew of her incompetence), the file was still on her desk!!!!! (picture me freaking out here, steam and smoke coming out my ears, and my tongue starts flying - when I get mad, I speak extra fast). I immediately let her have it. I reminded her that this procedure is being done thousands of miles away, and I have to pay for the tickets, make accommodations and so on. I also reminded her of the date she got my file - September 4th - and the fact that it is still on her desk. I also reminded her that the closer it is to the holidays is the more expensive the fares get. I also expressed my disappointment that there is no sense of urgency at that office and when this is all over, I am taking my records and my business elsewhere. I also said to her that if seeing my dead babies pictures and urns would light a fire under her ass, and if I were her kid, would she still give me the same treatment.

After my tirade, and I use this term loosely, she said in a monotone voice, "oh. well I will just send off what I have then. I know they are going o call me about it, but I will send it. Oh I still have to find your medical chart." This is from a lady that told me several times she was going to send it off. Frankly I am getting tired off the run around. Too bad it is too late to switch Dr.'s.

Needless to say I am livid, but losing hope. If the TAC is rescheduled, I am going to have to take two weeks off work, unpaid for the recovery period. I am calling again tomorrow to see if she did send it off - if she did not, I am going to demand to speak to the office manager or someone in charge.

Ladies, what would you do?

Where is my expected end?


  1. Have you told your doctor (her boss) about it? Maybe that would help. I'm sorry, Marie.

  2. I would definitely be talking to her boss and wouldn't wait for her to be incompetent again. This is ridiculous. I am so angry for you!

  3. Go over her head! Her incompetence is hurting you in more ways than her pea brain can comprehend and someone needs to know it!! Can you report her to a state board or agency? What she is doing is not right and not how you treat any patients!
    If you can't tell I'm angry for you too right now! If you want me to call her and let her have it tomorow I will!

  4. Go there in person and talk to her boss asap. I am sorry you have to go through this on top of everthing else.

  5. Marie, you definately need to go above her. That is inexcusable and terrible service for the patient. *prayers your way*

  6. Oh, I'd be on the phone with her boss NOW. What she is doing is completely unacceptable!