Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am veeeerrrrrryyyyy frustrated with my primary care Dr.'s office. D., he lady who submits the request for approval is frankly getting on my nerves. I called yesterday and left a message and she finally got around to calling me this afternoon.
I explained to her the reason for my call. I wanted to get an update on the status of my file as air fare is low right now and I want to take advantage of the prices until they skyrocket.

Much to my amazement, she still has my file! She said she is still waiting on N, Dr. D.'s assistant to send the following info to her.
1.) Name of procedure
2.) Procedure code
3.) Diagnosis code
4.) Facility Tax ID (hospital)
5.) Dr.D.'s full name, tax id, and facility ID

Let me point out, that at my consult with my Dr, I gave her all this information. I reminded her of it, but she wants the info to come from Dr. D.'s office. I am so frustrated! I immediately e-mailed Dr. D and relayed the info to him. I will be calling N, myself tomorrow and beg her to fax it over to D.

With all this running around, this better get approved! Ticket prices right now for hubby and I are $548.12 (roundtrip, nonstop), it cannot get better than this. What do you think? Should I buy it anyway?

Where is my expected end?


  1. Oh, Marie, I am so sorry. I hate red tape. I don't know what to tell you. Praying for God to give you wisdom.

  2. I'm irritated for you. I say go for it! Didn't you say that Dr. D would do the surgery at cost for you? Maybe you can submit the bill after the surgery if you have to. Or, put it on a credit card. Maybe you need to put a chip in button on your site. Just go for it. It's gonna work out. I just know it!

  3. I somehow feel like this is going to work itself out too. Follow your heart on this Marie. You can't go wrong. *hugs*

  4. Oh that would tick me off to! I don't understand why people make things so difficult! On the air it transferable? If, heaven forbid, you had to reschedule it or postpone that would be the only way to do it...I wonder if you can get insurance on the tickets that way you could get you money back if needed! Good Luck! Thinking of you!