Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sweetheart

One year today, I gave birth to a perfect angel, simply born too soon. Because of her, I have learned patience, courage, hope, fear, disappointment, strength, but most importantly, I have learned love. Happy Birthday my sweetheart. For the sort time that I carried you, you were loved. When I saw your precious face, our hearts filled with joy. We love and miss you more than you will ever know and we cant wait to see you again, only then will our shattered hearts feel whole again. We love you sweetheart.

My Special Angel

She's always watching over me,
I feel her presence near,
She's always here to listen,
And guide me through my fears.
She's a very special angel,
One God choose just for me,
She was once my angel here on earth,
But that wasn't long to be.
God called her home one morning,
My fear and rage did He see ,
If He were such a loving God,
Why take my baby from me?
But in time I saw the plan,
He unveiled for me to see,
He had taken my baby away,
But He gave her back to me.
There was only one thing different,
About this wondrous thing,
She just traded her faded and bruised flesh,
For a halo and snow white wings.

We love and miss you. Rest In Peace Alyssa-Joy, and Happy First Birthday!
reworded poem by Shoney Winstead (with revisions to suit me)

Where is my expected end?


  1. Marie, I have been thinking of you and Alyssa today. Your poem is beautiful.

    Happy Birthday sweet Alyssa!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Precious Alyssa-Joy!!! Sending you a hug today and throught the next month, Marie!!

  3. Happy Birthday AJ!!! I know you're looking down and loving your mommy today...


    The first angelversary is such an emotional day and know that others are thinking and loving you today. ((HUGS))

  4. Happy Birthday, Alyssa!

    Marie, thinking about you and your precious angel. Beautiful beautiful poem.


  5. Prayers for you, DH, and your sweet girl on her day.

    Hugs to you!

  6. Happy Birthday Alyssa-Joy, enjoy your home in the sweetness of Heaven.

  7. Happy Birthday, Alyssa-Joy!!! Send lots of hugs to your mommy and daddy!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Darling Alyssa Joy. Thinking of you and your husband, Marie.