Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All Alone/Students/NaBloPoMo

This Month I am participating in the National Blog Posting Month. All it requires is making a committment to posing every day for the entire month of November. That should not be such a hard task now should it? I will try my best to have a variety of posts, especially this week since I have so much free time. If you want to join, simply click here and register.

Well, hubby is traveling for work until Monday and I am all alone. Ever since I lost my babies I have become a homebody. Seriously, he has only been gone for 2 days and I am bored out of mind! I am reading and even cooking! Any suggestions on what I can do?? I have no responsibilities this week, and have no idea what to do. Any suggestions?

As you all know, I work with children, and they really say the darndest things. During my reading group today, I had a student stop me to say, Mrs. R-W, you will make a good mom! Then he came up and hugged me. Tears came to my eyes and I quickly blinked them away. It seems the Lord really knows when to send someone to say the right thing. I heart my students :-)

Where is my expected end?


  1. What a sweet child. I honestly don't think they know how much they can bring a smile--just when we need one! I'll have to post some of my great student moments during this NaBloPoMo!

  2. Oh I bet that did pick you up. :) What a sweet boy indeed.

    As far as what to do...hmmmm... I tend to start cleaning, organizing, redoing closets and going through clothes to donate and that sort of thing. Then there's the TiVo that I am always bound to have something to catch up on.

    I've also been thinking about going out for a pedicure. And a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Sometimes it's just nice to be out by yourself. Grab your book and snuggle in the pedicure chair or a cozy booth in a coffee shop!

    Have a good night!

  3. I had a similar encounter with a student. He came running up to me and said I'm sorry you didn't get to keep your baby. And this was recently, like 7 months after losing Ella. Kids are good for the spirit.

    Maybe I should consider joining NBPM. I've been in a blogging rut lately and just feel like I have nothing to write about it.

    I'm very much a homebody too. I watched The Proposal recently. It was very cute. Check it out if you haven't seen it. :)

  4. Marie, that is such a cute story. Its amazing how comforting a child can be just at the right time. *hugs*

    I understand about being bored. When Mike travels I am the same way.

    Thank you for encouraging me to think up different things to write about....I seem to be in rambling mode lately. :)