Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Beautiful Blogger Award

Alana nominated me for The Beautiful Blogger award. Thanks Alana!
Simple rules, as these things go. Post seven things about myself, and pass the award along to seven beautiful bloggers.

7 Random Things About Me
1. I have a "Type A" personality. Everything must be a certain way. As a teacher, I even refuse to take interns until January, because I want to set up my classroom and establish rules and procedures without any input or interference. My friend came to help me at the beginning of the school year and the next day I redid everything she did. The contents in my refrigerator must be a certain way. Milk on a certain shelf, vegetables in a certain area, butter in a certain spot, labels facing outward...... you get the picture. It drives dh crazy! :-)

2.) I am a worrier. I now worry about everything! This only came about after losing my babies. I actually wake up in the middle of the night to rest my hand on DH's chest to make sure he is still breathing. I am afraid of losing him along with my babies.

3.) I cannot make fried chicken or white rice. Sad, I know. I can make everything else, lasagna, fried rice, lamb, pork chops, tenderloin, beef, brown rice and beans, but my fried chicken never comes out right, and my rice is always overdone. Hubby cannot understand how I can make a perfect brown rice, but when it comes to white rice, I am hopeless. I can do fried chicken wings, but I cannot fry chicken legs, thighs, breasts. Go ahead, you have my permission to laugh.

4.) I dislike my IL (I have to talk in codes are, because you never know who is reading. Don't worry, the feeling is mutual. MIL never came to my wedding, refuses to speak directly to me, I never get invited to their events (only dh), but are quite comfortable to ask for money. We do not get along, in fact, I stay away from them. They made up their mind not to like me and stuck with it. I stopped trying after a year. After all, I do not need their approval for anything.

5.) I am obsessed with shoes. I know, what woman isn't. I must say, I surpass the normal woman. I have so many, hubby has no space in the closet. There are boxes on the top shelf, bottom shelf, middle shelf, under the bed, dresser (yup, I made them fit there), in the hallway closet, everywhere. On a given day, I have 3 -4 pairs in my car. Hey, you never know when you might break a heel, right?. And what if I feel like changing throughout the day? Halfway through the day, I might discover that my shoes don't match (see, I told you it was an unhealthy obsession). I choose my shoes first, and then coordinate an outfit. I hate shopping for clothes, but I can spend all day in a shoe store. Oh, and where shoes are concerned, money is no object.

6.) I am beyond frugal (except when it comes to shoes). I clip coupons for everything! Even going to buy fast food. Just last Saturday we went to (last minute decision), and I was pissed because I had a buy one, get one free coupon at home. I could have saved $!0! A typical grocery bill for 2 weeks usually runs about $80, and even that is too expensive for me. I am always looking for a way to cut costs and expenses. I buy store brand items (this is only when I leave hubby at home. If he comes with me, forget it - he prefers brand name items, when I go alone, he has no say, and hey when I get home its too late to return it right?). When the gas in my car is running low, I drive 5-8 miles below the speed limit, roll the windows down, and try to avoid stepping on the brakes too often - all in an effort to extend the gas. Hubby hates this and actually sneaks out when I am unaware and puts gas in my car. Needless to say when I find out, I am fuming. Yes, I am really cheap.

7.) I am a nerd at heart. I wear glasses (refuse to wear contact!), I love to read, and have a soft spot for all the other nerds out there. I took me a few years to come into my own as a teenager. Imagine a tall, skinny, gangly arms, huge glasses, pimply face teenager. That was me. I would show you a picture, but I would not want to scare anyone, plus you never know whose reading! This way I am safe from blackmail :-).

Seven people I nominate for this award. (I can only nominate seven, so I will try to nominate people I have not nominated in the past, but to all my readers consider consider yourself nominated!)

1.) Bree at My Baby Butterfly
Bree has a beautiful heart, and makes these amazing butterflies for angel moms. She is currently in her 2nd pregnancy and I am amazed at her strength. Sure, she gets nervous and lets us know, but she has what I call a "quiet strength", she does not even know how strong she is just yet, and how she inspires everyone.

2.) Ali at I am a Mommy
Ali is fairly new is to the blogging community and has an awesome spirit. She perseveres despite the loss of her precious Cadynce Alice.

3.) Mrs. A at What's Cooking or Not?
Mrs. A reminds me of an "old soul". Her feelings ring through her posts. She has overcome so many obstacles, yet she remains optimistic.

4.) Holly at Caring for Carleigh
Holly is always there to lend an ear to anyone. She comments on almost every post. It was her picture of her beautiful daughter posted on her page that inspired me to post the pictures of my babies. She speaks of her daughter with such love and reverence that it touches my heart and rings a tear to my eyes each and every time.

5.) Franchesca at Handprints From Heaven
Franchesca voices exactly how I am feeling in her posts. There are days I cannot put my feelings into words, and the minute I log on to her blog, I see myself, as if I were writing those exact words. Her faith is strong and she is one tough mama!

6.) Jessica at Momma of Two Angels
Jessica is always there to help me with those damn insurance people. She has given me so much helpful advice and I am forever grateful. She is my first blog-facebook friend, and I have come to love her like a sister.

7. You!
I nominate all of you! You have no idea how you all help me during this journey. I wish I could list all of, but alas, the list would be too long. You are all an inspiration to me, and I am forever in your debt. You are there with advice when I need it, a virtual shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent, and the list goes on. Thanks for all you do!
If you haven't been tagged for this yet, and you'd like to join the fun---consider yourself nominated! :)

Where is my expected end?


  1. Ew, sorry to read about your MIL. I definitely have a strained relationshp with mine, but she's so passive aggressive she at least fakes it! I usually say that I wish she were just up front about it, but maybe not!

  2. Your post made me laugh, especially the shoes deal. I love shoes too. I only wish I could get our grocery bill that low!! Where do you find coupons? I look in our local paper, but probably not like I should... Anyway thanks for the nomination and your kindness. I enjoyed learning more about you, I am totally a Type "A" personality too. DH has learned to live with it lol.

  3. Thank you for the award. That is really sweet. :)
    I wish I was a perfectionist. My house is a nightmare and sometimes I wish I was more obssessive about cleaning it up. And, I'm definately a worrier, like you (how could we not be?).
    Wondering... Did you get the necklace yet?

  4. I loved learning more about you! Number three made me laugh. Congrats on winning the award! I am definitely type A personality as well. My husband reminds me of that often! ; )

  5. Thanks for the award!! I could prolly learn a few things about being frugal from you! I'd love to cut our grocery bill!

  6. Marie, you are really sweet...thank you!! You have been an amazing support for me...I can't thank you enough. :)

    I need your help in the frugal area...teaching any classes? LOL