Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh Death, Where is thy Sting? Oh Grave, Where is thy Victory?

On July 24th, 2010, I received some devastating news. To go back over the specifics will shatter my already fragile heart. I find it hard to voluntary bring to memory the events that took place that day because I will fall apart completely. If you want to read the specifics, simply refer to this post.
I titled this post "Oh Death, Where is thy Sting, Oh Grave,Where is thy Victory?" because I will not allow death to win. Though it hurts (and it hurts oh so much) I refuse to give in to death and let it win. This is why I blog. This is why I encourage and give support. Because I do not want my children's passing to be in vain.

Though Evan on this day, We do not celebrate this day. This day is a day of death to us and we choose to celebrate the day that we met. The day that we got to hold him close to our hearts, inspect his perfect features, kiss him, caress him, tell him we loved him.

Despite the sadness of this day, I pray for the Dr.'s that treated us. I pray that they have learned some good bedside manners, I pray tht they listen to their patients more, I pray that they don't treat every patient the same, I pray that Evan's life touched them, I pray that they be more sensitive.
So though this day is not easy to face and there are a gamut of emotions that we are experiencing, we continue to honor the memory of our son, and make sure to remind others that HIS LIFE MATTERED.

Awaiting our expected end.


  1. His life def mattered! So, so much! And I do hope that every dr who treated you was changed by Evan.

  2. Sending you love today... hope that you are able to find some comfort in knowing that your lil' guy is safe in the arms of his creator and is eagerly waiting too for his Mama's expected end!

  3. He was really here and he did...does matter! He matters to so many! Thinking about you and praying. xoxo

  4. (((HUGS))) You will never know justs how much he touched many lives!

  5. Marie,I pray for my doctors,too,even though it was so long ago. I want to totally forgive them - I will feel like I have and then I will get angry about it again. Both of your children have touched many lives and they will not be forgotten by those of us who support you. xoxoxoxo