Friday, December 10, 2010

My Life These Days

I have always prided myself as being independent and find it quite comical and irritating that the things that I am usually able to do, I have to be "assisted".

These days I can be found with this - (go.ogle image)
The perk - parking right at the door of any building I frequent.
The downside - having everyone look at me funny to see what my disability is.

These days I can be found doing this -
(please excuse the irritated look on my face)

The perk - not having to maneuver the entire store.
The downside - bumping into EVERYTHING!

These days I can be found doing this -
No judgement please regarding the satin cap on my head or the wearing of dh's sweater- it was a lazy Saturday morning!

The perk -getting help in the kitchen from hubby
The downside - maneuvering around the kitchen is quite tough on a computer chair!

These days I can be found doing this -
(Go.ogle image)
This is how I teach most days. Yes. On a stool.

The perk - knowing that I am not on my feet too much (gravity is not my friend!)
The downside - Feeling guilty about not being able to circulate like I used to. I am a hands on teacher and believe in circulation and close proximity. I walk around periodically throughout, but other than that my tush is parked.

When I get home, my tush is always here-
(another goog.le image, but hey it looks just like me bedroom set)

The perk - being catered to.
The downside - losing much of my independence.

Each Saturday morning at 8:00 am, I can be found anxiously waiting on this -

(goog.le image)
Yup! A shot in the ass (pardon my french).

The perk - a calm uterus.
The downside - the pinch of the needle, the burning sensation and the soreness of my posterior for days.

Despite all these changes, I am still blessed and count it all joy! It will be soooo worth it in the end. I promise you - I don't always look this bad. I am quite fly when I put my mind to it, but these days the fatigue is wearing me out and most days at home I have on no make-up, hair is not done, and I am wearing hubby sweaters since for the past few days is has been 30+ degrees in Florida!

Hope you all got a laugh at my expense today :-).

Awaiting my expected end (great c/l and still working!),


  1. Ah... the joys of P17 shots- I dont miss those!!! Big hugs! You are doing great!

  2. i know the feeling of going from independent to not. last yr i broke my ankle/had surgery, and totally had to depend on others to do for me. the motorized carts in the grocery store were my best friend. but you are right, it will all be worth it in the end. ♥ btw, i'm a FL native myself - miami. ;) thx for all the love you have given me on my blog. i will be adding your little ones to my list to remember them on sun.

  3. You are too funny. I got many looks at the grocery store riding those!

  4. this was one of the best posts!!! i got a play by play in the life of marie =D!!!

  5. No laughs here! Mama you are doing what you have to do! Park you car or your rear wherever you need to and do not in the least feel bad about it! Hugs!

  6. Sweetest Marie,

    Just continue to do what you are doing...taking great care of that sweet growing baby :) Those motorized scooters always make me think of a Seinfeld episode and George riding it. LOL


  7. I've been loving this weather!! :)
    Keep taking it easy!! xoxo

  8. I did giggle at your expense, while these things suck (especially those shots), you know in the end it'll be worth it!! But I am really independent too, so know that would drive me crazy! Keep baking that sweet baby until DONE!!! We want to meet him/her but only when the time is right!!!! You're too cute btw!!

  9. So excited to see that you are doing well!

  10. SO glad you're continuing to be safe and healthy. I'm pleased you've been able to SIT and take care of yourself and the Baby as needed. (And kudos to your amazing DH for always being loving and supportive!)

    Special hugs for you this week...I just read your last post and will light a candle and send you, DH, and sweet Evan up in prayer this weekend.

  11. I love that kodac moment in the store (lol). but seriously I know it's hard, but just stay encouraged and know that the reward is going to be great. Sending you and baby some love.

  12. Everything that you are going thru is worth the expected end that God is bringing to you. I love the grocery store pic...(don't look soooo excited) and I vividly remember the 17 p shots and the smell of my urine after the injection....OHHHH, the joys of high risk pregnancy. I'm glad that you're doing well. Hang in there!

  13. I'm glad you are taking it easy. I am thinking of you tons. :)

  14. I lost my daughter, Claire, in October due to what the doctors believe was an incompetent cervix. I'm terrified of my next pregnancy and have found myself wondering all sorts of things like, "will I ride those motorized carts at the grocery store?" and "Can I get a handicapped parking sign so I have a shorter walk to the store?" So I had quite a smile reading this particular and post and seeing that my answers will likely be "yes and yes!" I hope your pregnancy continues on well, I'm going to keep reading for information about the TAC. I have huge fears about the vaginal ones failing.