Friday, December 24, 2010

Big Step!

Call me crazy or call me optimistic (I choose optimism). This morning hubby and I made a HUGE step (huge to us). We removed two large rubber.maid containers from the back of the closet. What are in these containers you may ask? All my maternity clothes that I wore with Alyssa-Joy and Evan. We removed all my "regular" clothes from the hangers, folded them, and replaced them with the mounds of maternity clothes I had stored.

Truly, my regular clothes were not cutting it anymore. No one knows that I am pregnant and I usually cover my "regular" clothes with a large sweater. It seems that my bump grew overnight and the choice was made to start wearing the maternity outfits. We still choose to not tell anyone until 24 weeks.

I consider this a huge step and I am optimistic that I will get to enjoy wearing them for the next 4 and a half months.

Awaiting my expected end,


  1. LOL, at least you can blame the sudden weight gain on Thanksgiving and Christmas! No one would dare ask you why you're chunking up. :)

    I'm so blessed that you've made the step - I know it was a big one for you and Larry. We love you guys, and pray for you ALL THE TIME!

  2. This is a huge step...and so glad to hear that you are doing this. Thinking about you in the miracle journey ahead...((hugs))

  3. it is a very huge step. one i know took a lot of strength and courage on your's and your hubby's part. sending you lots of love...

  4. Oh, Marie, this is definitely a HUGE step for you! Congrats!

    Merry Christmas!!

  5. You WILL wear those clothes until you are sick of them :) I have great FAITH in this new journey Marie and applaud your efforts in moving forward and embracing this sweet, growing bean.

    Much Love and prayers always

  6. That is a big step and I'm proud of you that you did it!!