Monday, December 20, 2010

1 Down, 1 to Go...

Sorry it took so long to update gang! I have had so much to do preparing for the winter break. :-)

Well, I made it through the first milestone. It was nerve-wracking to say the least. I prayed a lot last Wednesday, sat a lot, pleaded a lot, and drank TONS of water. Praise God, I made it through.

Had an appointment on Thursday (no u/s, just regular OB appointment), and according to the nurse I gained TEN pounds. Ummm no. I don't agree. I weigh myself every morning and my scale says 3lbs and besides it was 50 degrees that day and I had on many layers. When she told me that, my blood pressure shot through the roof! Heartbeat was well and fundal height was right on target.

My next milestone is this coming Wednesday (20 week, 3 days). I have an appointment with the MFM tomorrow morning at 8:30 am and as usual, my heart is doing the anxiety ridden tap dance. I did promise myself that if my 20 week u/s showed a stable cervix, I was going to *try* to relax and enjoy this pregnancy. I have been doing really well with laying down as much as possible and taking it easy. Hoping for a good appointment and a stable cervical length measurement tomorrow! Praising God for his goodness and grace.

For those of you with a cerclage (vaginal or abdominal), did your Dr. apply pressure to the stomach when measuring the cervical length? When I was pregnant with Evan, at my 20 week appointment, the MFM applied pressure to my stomach and that is when we noticed the cerclage was failing and the sac was descending. Of course we know how that ended, so I am undoubtedly nervous that he will apply pressure. Is this customary for them to do?

Brief note - hubby and I are back at square one :-(. They were not approved to advertise for the position and the hiring department was apologetic and stated that when they do get additional funding they will keep him in mind. Bummer! We are okay though. We are trusting God and his plans. Please pray for my husband. It is hard for a man who is used to working from the age of 16 to suddenly not working for 8 months. He is getting discouraged so please whisper his name when you meet with the Master in your secret place.

Thanks in advance gang and I will update you after my appointment tomorrow.

Awaiting my expected end,


  1. Yes, both my OB and my MFM OBs applied pressure to check how the cerclage was holding. That is actually what got be admitted to the hospital on hospital bedrest. At 20w5d, one of my MFM docs applied pressure and part of Bobby's bag slipped through the cerclage. They do this to simulate what would happen with gentle contractions and to determine if more serious bedrest, etc is needed. In my case, it won me a week of inversion, followed by 6 more weeks in the hospital (total of 7 hospital weeks and 9 home weeks=16 weeks). Bobby and Maya were eventually born at 27w5d, but it wasnt due to my cerclage failing; it was due to contractions that couldn't be stopped.

    Praying for you and hoping for a great pregnancy for you!!!

  2. I'm glad you got through the day OK Marie - I will be praying for your hubby's job situation. Sending love and hugs to you!

  3. I don't remember. Can you believe that? I know that most of the time my CL was measured abdominally- to avoid irritating the stitch or introducing any sort of infection. THinking of you. Enjoy your holiday break. xo

  4. Praying for a great appt. tomorrow! So glad you got through last week's milestone. Praying for your dh as well!

  5. I think that they are supposed to apply pressure to check for funnelling, and it gives them a chance to see things as they might become if they worsen, as opposed to just as they are right now. I know I am not making much sense, but I don't know how to say it differently

  6. Hi Marie! With my son they did apply pressure which is how they determine that I needed to be on bedrest. I started bedrest with my son at 24 weeks (4 weeks at home and 4 weeks in the hosptial). My son was born at 38weeks 6 days; they had to induce me because little man didn't want to come out. I was 1cm dialated from 24 weeks. With my current pregnancy no they just went by cervical length that was all good until last week. I will be 35 weeks on Thursday....I'm praying for your expected end! God will carry you believe that! Praying for your hubby as well.

  7. I'm so glad things are going well. Gonna play a little catch up on ya! Praying for your hubby!

  8. I am working on getting caught up on blogs so I am sorry I haven't commented but yes my tech always applied pressure during my ultrasounds to get a measurement.