Friday, November 19, 2010

Shocked, blessed, thankful.......

I am sitting on my lunch break eating a delicious Thanksgiving meal that our Social Committee provided. While giving thanks, how appropriate that something awesome should happen when I least expect it. I am even now more convinced that God knows the desires of our hearts and makes a way before we even know about it.

I got a phone call from an unknown number. Usually, if I don't recognize a number I let it go to voicemail. If they don't leave a message then obviously the call was not important. I let this call go to voicemail and listened to the message that was left.
Lo and behold it was a message from my insurance company asking me to call them. I called the number that was given and spoke to Rose.lyn. Rose.lyn is the OB Nurse Coordinator. These individuals (to my knowledge) almost never deal with clients. Ladies, what she said was shock and a blessing which left me thankful - hence the title of this post.

After she verified my information, she stated who she was and the first thing she said was that she was personally taking on my case. She said she reviewed my history and felt compelled to be my personal case manager. She expressed her condolences for my losses and stated that she is prepared to do everything in her power to "not let me have another 20 week delivery". She stated that she will personally work with my OB and the MFM to coordinate the best possible care. She asked if I was on bedrest and I told her no. I had surgery in April to decrease the likelihood of that happening. She said "good girl - great planning". I let her know that this pregnancy was actually a surprise and her response was "God bless you". She said that if there was any possibility of me going on bedrest, she will work with my employers to get me the best short term disability they have to offer (with sufficient payment). She has worked with the school board before and know how they operate so if the need arises, there should be no roadblocks. If necessary, she will also find someone to come to my house to cook and clean and they will cover the cost if no one is available to help me.

I told her about my P17 shots that I am supposed to be getting next week and she said that she will write up the authorization immediately so that when I get to my OB's office for my appointment next week, they will have to go through no red tape. She gave me her office and cell phone number and told me to call her anytime if I have any concerns or questions. She reiterated that she will not let me have another 20 week delivery without putting up a fight, and reminded me to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to ward off constipation, to drink oodles of water to ward off contractions and UTI's as these increase the chances for premature contractions.
A Matria Nurse is available to come to the house to administer the p17 shots or I can arrange with my OB to have the shots done at his office. Whatever we decide I should let her know.

Let me tell you, I got off the phone crying into my turkey dish. How good is my God? Is this even customary for an insurance company to do this? This call was not expected and you can imagine my shock when I spoke to her. I am so thankful. I am praising God right now for his blessings and provisions over our lives. I am thanking him for placing this on the heart of this lady. I am thanking him for the seen and unseen. I am thanking him for continually thinking of us and blessing us when we least expect him and even when we have doubt in our hearts.

Right now I am looking at a verse of scripture I have posted in my classroom : For ALL the promises of God are yea, and in him amen, unto the glory of God by us - II Corinthians 1:20.

Thank you ladies for continually keeping us in prayer. I know that there are strength in numbers, and where two or three are gathered together, he ALWAYS shows up and makes provisions.
God is indeed good!

Awaiting my expected end (great c/l and still working),


  1. Wow! I hope you continue having a great day!

  2. I have tears in my eyes! I'm so glad that not only do we have a great God watching over you but a great insurance agent, too!

    Thinking of you ((hugs))

  3. Praise the Lord!!!! Your blessing blessed me. :)

  4. Oh, Marie, how wonderful! that must feel like the universe is finally in tune with you again.

  5. It's that Carefully Placed Angels on Earth thing! Orchestrated by the Master :)

    I follow Michelle in saying


  6. Our Father is truly amazing, always knowing what exactly we need and when we need it. I love this example! Thank you for sharing - things are a little rough here, and I reallyREALLY needed this reminder! ((hugs)) and a sweet belly-kiss!

  7. What wonderful news! I know you must already feel so cared for by this representative. Wow, what a lot of answered prayers rolled up one call! (((HUGS)))

  8. That's truly awesome news!!!!!! Definitely an answer to prayers. :)