Monday, March 1, 2010

A little bit of this and that....

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on the previous posts. To answer Shandrea's question, my sister does not have any children. I understand that she may have been looking out for my well being, but it hurt none the less. To me, she made me feel as if I was making a bad decision. The truth of the matter is, I do not want to wait, and I have said numerous times that my desire to have a child, outweighs my fear of another loss. I do not just want to "love on" other people's children - I want my own.

To those of you who donated to march of Dimes, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I will let you all know who won the memorial globe on Wednesday and reveal the new "prize" that day as well. Reading the messages left on my MOD page, drew me to tears. I am again reminded how awesome this community is. I know times are tough, but I am honored that you chose to donate to the cause. Your money could have been put to good use somewhere else (paid a bill, bought a meal), but I am thankful that you chose a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

Dr. sent his copy of the consultation to me. One line that stood out was "Mrs. R-W is inclined to have an abdominal cerclage.......My personal inclination is to consider another vaginal cerclage. The ultimate decision is hers". Absolutely! The decision is mine, and unless you have experienced losses such as mine, you will never understand. I know that not all pregnancies result in a healthy live birth, but I want whatever complications that occur to be unrelated to the cervix.
He does want me to do a Hysterosalpingogram. So, I will be calling RE's tomorrow to inquire where this can be done.

I am once again participating in National Blog Posting Month (NoBloPoMo). The theme for this month is "Strange(er)". Everyday I will try to post about something strange that has happened in my life or my experiences with strangers. And let me tell you, some strange things have happened to me.

A few years ago, I attended a wedding of an associate. I was looking good too - pink and blue strapless polka dot dress with a pink cardigan, my polka dot heels and a polka dot clutch. Frick and Frack were extremely perky that day and i decided to forego a bra.
All afternoon, the twins were in place.....until the tossing of the bouquet. With my cute little self, I shimmied to join the single ladies. As soon as the bouquet was launched, I jumped (picture Mich.ael Jor.dan - just cuter :-)) to catch it before all the other desperate ladies, and BINGO! my hands curled around it as my feet touched the ground. Well, not only did my feet touch the ground, but so did Frick and Frack as they were now exposed. You - all could feel were looks of disbelief and snickers all around. What did I do? Hurriedly drag the dress back up, clutch my prize to my chest, and slither out the back door. That was the talk for weeks. Yup. Some strange things have happened to me. Stay tuned - this is just the beginning.

Awaiting my expected end.


  1. Oh Marie, I cannot even imagine! Your story about the wedding is hilarious! I hope you all the best with the RE. xx

  2. Marie,

    You saying that you "didn't want to just love on other peoples children" touched me, as I feel the same way. I want someone to call my "own", a little piece of us.

    Frick and Frack...OMG! I'm laughing, as I can only imagine :) Do you suppose they were video taping the toss? Just don't want you on U Tube...LOL

    Hugs to you and best of luck with your next step in this process. Much success my friend.


  3. OH MY GOODNESS.....*BLUSH BLUSH*...what a story!! :o)

    Glad your RE is letting you make your own decision (what a nice guy...haha)...

  4. Oh no! How embarrassing! But we have all had our own embarrassing things so I feel for ya on that one! I agree with Andrea, better double check you tube, lol! *HUGS*

  5. Love the wedding story LOL That sounds hilarious, but I imagine you didn't think it was so funny at the time.