Saturday, August 22, 2009


Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. You always validate my feelings and encourage me spiritually and emotionally. I pray for all of you daily, and just know that you are a great source of support to me.
For those of you who asked about my insurance. We are still waiting approval. The School Board Insuarance is odd. For some procedures they give you a time frame in whoch to getn it done and if they do, I might be doing the TAC earlier than I planned. I am excited about this new road we are going to travel down.
In the event Insurance does not cover the procedure, we will only be charged $4,000. What a blessing!

I have been pretty busy this week. Teachrs went back to school to prepare and I must say I don't remember my classroom being that big. It seemed the work was never ending. I still have a few stuff left to do, but I will work on that on Monday and post pictures as well. Am I ready for students? NO! Am I ready for a Paycheck? You better believe it.
On a serious note, I am excited about this school year. I have some challenging students, and I love a challenge. I have high expectations that my students will come out on top.

I found out this morning that my dear friend is pregnant. I am soo happy for her, I am busting out of my seams. You know people who give and give and give, and put others needs before theirs? The ones who encourage you and lift you up? The one who you can always turn to? Well, my friend is this kind of gal. She is going to make an awesome mom and I cannot wait to fly up and meet "little Marie". Congrats to her and hubby.

I have become an advocate for the TAC. I know the TVC works for some people, but I do not want my friend to take that chance. I want her to have the best possible outcomes and will be with her every step of the way. If I have to fly to her state, I sure will.
I actually approached a co-worker whose wife is 17 weeks pregnant. I encouarged him to have them check her cervix at her next big appointment. I stressed to him that Dr.'s say that Incompetent Cervix is rare, but I have met so many women who prove otherwise. His wife has had a relatively uneventful pregnancy, but I told him it is better to always check as there are no symptoms. Do you think that was the right thing to do? I gave him more information and he said he will. I just feel as if I have to get the word out to as many women as possible. I am even researching how to get Cervical checks a necessary part of a routine OB visit. I have spoken to a lawyer and we are exploring the options. I will keep you updated.
I just want to get the word out so that other women won't have to walk this road. This lawyer is versed in legislation and medical law, so fingers crossed.

I believe the Lord puts you through things to help others. Sometimes I ask "why me Lord", but I can never understand the mind of God. A lady at work had a recent miscarriage and she came to me for support. I dislike being "that lady", but if I can help someone, I will. I shared my experience with her and encouraged her as best as I knew how. I hope it helped.

Now on to the drama. When I left work in June, I told my principal I was pregnant and there was a possibibility I would not return. I asked him to please keep it quiet. You would think Principals should be confidential with certain information right? Not!
I returned to work anxious, but relieved that no one knew. The first day, I had 5 teachers come say "congratulations" and "when are you due?". I was floored and stated that I was not expecting. Weren't they embarassed! Serve them right. My school is a baby making machine, and apparently they reported 5 teachers as being pregnant, me being one of them. Two ladies with twins! Side bar: how the heck can they carry twins, and I can't even carry one?.
I did some investigation and found the source. The Principal told the Assistant Principal, who told a co-worker, who told a big mouth co-worker, who spread it around the school.
Every time it is mentioned I just say, "No. I am just fat." I feel guilty afterwards, because I feel as if I am denying my baby, but I just don't want to have to relive the experience or face the looks (and trust me, the looks arent in my head). When you work with 99% women, they rehash everything.
I am thinking of approaching the Assistant Principal and respectfully speak to her. My hubby says to let it go, but I think she needs to know that some things must be kept confidential, and every best friend has a best friend, and someone down the line has a big mouth. What do you think?

Where is my expected end?


  1. Marie,
    I am the principal of a pretty large public school populated almost entirely by women and I am apalled at what your Principal and AP did. My wife and I lost our daughter to IC last October. She is pregnant again and at 19 weeks we are so stressed and anxious I could scream. BUT no one on my staff knows (except my secretary who is a close friend to both of us and has to cover for me when I am freaking out in my office) and no one will know because my wife wants to keep it private. I cannot believe an administrator could be so insensitive. I appreciate that your husband thinks you should let it go. I think you should say something, but say it to the principal. Even if the AP was well meaning and wanted to celebrate your news, it's your news to share not theirs. It's outrageous.

  2. I agree with "Anonymous," this was YOUR news to share and should NOT have been spread by anyone else. While I understand DH not wanting you to "stir the pot," I think by speaking to your principal (or to the assistant principal herself,) you could help prevent a painful situation like this from occurring again. I would be devastated if my principal had shared personal information like this.

    SO sorry you're going through this, friend. As if the loss of your sweet boy isn't difficult enough to cope with. Continuing to pray for you and your DH.