Saturday, February 7, 2009

New worries

Okay. How possible is the appearance of an evaporation line on a test? This is why I hate POAS (peeing on a stick)! Today is CD 26. The calendar I am following says the best day to test is Monday or Tuesday Morning (the day AF is due). I bought a Clear Blue test on Friday and hid it in the drawer. The plan was to test on Monday or simply wait until AF shows her ugly face. I do not get any pregnancy symptoms and did not get any over the past few days, only what I thought to be implantation pain (but being the pessimist that I am, I chalked it up to something else). So I took the test, waited 3 minutes and got the faintest line. The line was there and I even woke my dh just to make usre I was not paranoid. He said he saw the same thing. I refuse to get excited until Tuesday. I am now worried that the test is defective, it could be a chemical pregnancy or an evaporation line. AGHHHHHHHHHHH! I hate the waiting.

I have not told anyone but two of my friends from hobh and my hubby. If this turns out to be positve, I will be extremely happy, but for some reason I keep expecting the worse to happen. I am going to let go and just let GOD. I am going to stay away from google, and just meditate and trust him to carry us through. If we are preggo, OMG! It happened quick - this was our first time after our loss. We expected it to take longer. This just reaffirms God's love for us and that he really does not withhold anything good from is people.

If I am preggo, I am approximately 3 weeks, 4 days. I am feeling mild cramping in my left side, and am ready to think the worst. My new worries are -
1. This could be a chemical pregnancy
2. The test could be defective
3. The line could have been an evaporation line (af is not due til Tuesday)
4. If I am, I have to wait until 6 weeks to see the heartbeat
5. I am worried about my cervix
6. I am worried about getting he cerclage
7. I am worried I will be on bedrest
8. I am worried it could be eptopic
9. I am worried about a m/c
10. I am worried about the first and now second trimester

I know, as usual I am getting waaaayyyy ahead of myself. On the other hand If I am not preggo, I will be disappointed, but can keep trying. I am comforted by the fact that I can get pregnant as many women have a hard time, and I know if it happened once, it can happen again.
The new plan now is to test again tomorrow morning, Monday Morning, and take digital test Tuesday Morning. Now when should I make the appotintment? Should I make one right away? or should I make one for week 6? I am just so unsure and nervous about everything!
Again, I keep thinking the worst will happen, and have to make myself believe that God is in control and will kep us in perfect peace as long as our mind stays on him. I will keep u posted.

Awaiting my expected end (hoping it is already here).

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