Monday, January 3, 2011

The Customary New Year's Post

I know, I'm a few days late but better late than never right? :-) I have been laying low for a few days (been forced actually). I am now 22 weeks, 1 day (praise God!) and my paranoid husband has been making me take it easy.

Last year, I claimed 2010 as the year of promises fulfilled. Though 2010 was rocky, promises were fulfilled.
1.) I was able to have my TAC placed
2.) Though hubby lost his job, he enrolled in school
3.) I have a smaller class size
4.) Even though we wanted to wait, I got pregnant while actively trying to avoid (still a blessing)
5.) My cervix has been holding and continues to hold even while I am still working

Even though there were some disappointments, the positives far outweighed the negatives.

This year, I am claiming 2011 as the year of Expected Ends. I am pretty sure you all already know my favorite scripture (Jeremiah 29:11) and the fact that it states he will give us an expected end. There are so many BLM's that are expecting their rainbows and have been trudging along with constant monitoring. There have also been some BFP's lately and I am praying that they also have an uneventful pregnancy. Sure, the nervousness is still there, in fact it never goes away even after the baby is born I'm told. Promises are being fulfilled for many and I am praying that promises come to fruition for those of you still waiting. Whether your expected end comes with a pregnancy resulting in a full term birth, peace reigning in your hearts, successful adoptions, marriages mended, families mended and so on. I know what I am hoping for this year.

I am entering this new year filled with expectations and positive vibes. I hope you all join me on this journey of positive thinking.

Awaiting my expected end,


  1. I am on cloud 9 for you....I am sending you smiles and giggles of excitement. Go Marie!!!

  2. Praying for a beautiful 2011 for you!

  3. 2011 will be your year! Still uplifting you in prayer. Praying for the very best.

  4. Praying a blessed expected end!

  5. right with you in hoping for expected ends this year ;O)