Monday, January 18, 2010

Really?????? What Next????

Ladies, I need another round of prayers. Last night at work hubby had a "run in" with his new boss. This new guy started a few weeks ago and has been roughing up the employees. From what Larry said, this gentleman started poking him in the chest and demanded that he find the radio (he works in a juvenile facility). Being the christian that he is, hubby responded by saying, "please don't yell at me. We can discuss this like colleagues. I have no idea where the radio is, but I will find out". Well, the gentleman did not want to hear this ( I am assuming that he wanted Larry to react negatively, but he didn't). He told him to get the "f" out and he is on administrative leave, possible termination, and he should not come to work until he calls him. The rationale behind this move? He says Larry "did not follow his directives".
I am happy that Larry responded in the manner that he did. I told him as long as he knew in his heart that he did nothing wrong, he should not worry and God will take care of the rest. Now he has been working there for 8 years, and has built a respected reputation. He travels and does trainings, quality assurance and so on. He has tried getting a hold of the regional director and cannot get a hold of him. He spoke to another administrator and she agrees that this is not protocol, neither can he terminate him or put him on leave without just cause.
The gentleman cannot outright put him on administrative leave or fire him because there is a protocol to follow, but he can throw his weight around. I told Larry, that is he really wanted to fire him, he would have done so last night and take away his keys. I is my impression that this gentleman wants to prove that he is in charge and is throwing his weight around. What do you think? Larry is in the process of filing a grievance.
Luckily a few other staff members were there and saw the whole thing. What amazes me is that Larry does not work on the floor, but in an office - he has nothing to do with the radios.

So once again, I need your prayers. James 5:16 says, The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. We need these prayers dearly. In the past, I would not have worried, but since I have become a worrier, I am scare shit****. If he does lose his job, we can survive one my salary with *tight restrictions*. However, there will be no room to save. Especially for summers, rainy days, emergencies, etc.. My fear is that in this economy, finding a job is hard, and it will take a while to find one. Please pray that he still has a job, that the work environment won't become uncomfortable for Larry, for the gentleman to see and accept that he was wrong for putting his hands on Larry, and for the gentleman to hone his leadership skills.

Awaiting my expected end.


  1. Good grief! I am keeping you all in my prayers...what in the world is with this guy??? Sounds like your husband is quite a stay in control like that when someone was acting that way. I think I would have lost it!

  2. Wow Marie, I will definately be praying for you all. I can't imagine. I think people should have to pass a politeness and manners course before working with people (especially in administration). Ugh.

    I pray that everything turns around and your husband is validated.

  3. Goodness gracious!! What a SOB!! I am referring to your hubby's new boss. I will definately pray all works out for your hubby's job situation.

  4. How awful!! I will be praying that all will be okay,that he will keep his job, and your husband's witness/life will bring glory to God. And who knows...maybe even another soul for the kingdom! God can do amazing things!! Love you, friend!

  5. people like that make me so angry. it sounds like he is extremely insecure with himself. he is a bully and probably always has been.

    I am sorry that you guys are having to deal with that on top of everything else.

  6. Marie---

    First, thank you SO much for your recent comments. I truly appreciate your support, blog love, and friendship!

    Second, sorry I've been behind on returing the favor. I just "caught up" and left you a slew of comments. :)

    Last, but not least---your hubby is amazing! I don't think I could have remained calm if someone cursed at me and provoked me with no reason. Filing a grievence with HR was my first thought, especially since there were witnesses who can lend their stories if needed. Sending prayers that this all works out quickly and that DH is able to keep his job.

  7. First Larry is AMAZING, there is no way Mr.K could/would never stay that calm! I am thinking about you both and praying for you. I hope he can get something figured out with the regional director soon. Thinking of you both!

  8. It is good that Larry took the high road and kept his cool. That is definitely in his favor in the situation!! That boss guy was all wrong. You can't treat your employees like that.