Friday, February 18, 2011

Milestone # 3

How many weeks: 28 weeks!

How am I feeling: Really, really, really, really confident! So much that baby plans are underway in the W. household!

Doctor’s Appointment: yesterday -great c/l measurement! Next one is 02/23/2011

Weight Gain: 6lbs

Maternity Clothes: all maternity

Baby Preparation: getting out carpets cleaned and ac vents and ducts cleaned

Gender: Boy!!! Spencer Nathan W.

Sleep: early to bed, early to rise and cannot go back to sleep so I end up praying (not a bad deal at all)

Best moment this week: hearing about my lovely cervix!

Movement: all the time. I don't think this child sleeps at all! I'm loving it! Had quite a scare the other day though, but after some coke he was up to his active self

Food cravings: Loss of appetite lately

What I miss: not waddling when I walk

What I am looking forward to: Meeting the next milestones: 32 weeks, 35, weeks, and delivery (but not anytime soon!)

Milestones: telling my ABBY & IC Forum sisters.

I received this lovely blanket from a dear friend I met a few years ago. We experienced similar losses around the same times. She just had her TAC done this past Monday and hubby and I are sooo excited for her! Please stop by and send her good tidings!
Made with love by Aunty Tonya! Thanks again T!

Awaiting my expected end,


  1. How exciting!!!!!! Can't wait to read about the next few milestones...because you're getting so close to meeting your little one!!!! YAYY!!!

  2. Yay for 28 weeks! So happy for you!

  3. I'm saying so many prayers for you to continue to have a cervix of steel! I'm really excited that you are able to experience to joy of getting ready for a baby with confidence, it the best feeling in the world!

  4. Yay for 28 weeks which is so huge!!!! I'm so happy that you're feeling confident enough to start planning to bring home Spencer! ((hugs))

  5. Congrats! Keep up the kicks Spencer!

  6. wonderful!!!! You look great Moma! You have every reason to be confident. Baby Spencer is coming to your home and he will overtake your heart more than you can imagine.

  7. blanket is famous!!!! :)

    You so deserve the bundle of joy headed your way. Hopefully in a couple of months, you will be following me on a similar journey.

  8. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you Marie~~~and your baby bump is so sweet!! xoxoxo....

  9. Love your picture! Congratulations on 28 weeks! what a sweet blanket your friend sent! xoxo