Thursday, February 10, 2011

27 Weeks

How many weeks: 27 weeks!

How am I feeling: optimistic?

Doctor’s Appointment: yesterday -passed my glucose test! Next appointment: 02/15 -cervical length check

Weight Gain: 6lbs

Maternity Clothes: all maternity

Baby Preparation: created our registry (yikes!)

Gender: Boy!!! Spencer Nathan W.

Sleep: Yup, but still can't find a comfy position at night

Best moment this week: telling my students (they squealed like kindergartners - up until now when they asked I would respond with "are you saying I'm fat?")

Movement: all the time. I don't think this child sleeps at all! I'm loving it!

Food cravings: Pizza and Wings

What I miss: not waddling when I walk

What I am looking forward to: Meeting the next milestones: 28 weeks (3 days away!) , 32 weeks, 35, weeks, and delivery (but not anytime soon!)

Milestones: my OB telling us to register at the hospital and to start interviewing pediatricians (I have no idea what to ask)

Awaiting my expected end,


  1. Aww, don't you look beautiful with that lil baby belly! Congrats on passing the glucose test ( that is some nasty stuff). I know that you'd not want to take it a 2nd time. Things are going so well for you. I couldn't be happier. Have you tried sleeping with a pillow between your legs? That is the one position that I found to be comfortable.
    How are you going to celebrate the 28 week milestone? With pizza & wings???? Whatever you do, just make it a very meaningful celebration becasue this really is an amazing milestone.

  2. Marie, I think you look marvelous!!
    What a fabulous photo of you and your lil boy bundle!

    Congrats on the news of a boy too! Love the name you've chosen for him :)

  3. Congrats pretty mama! You look great! What grade do you teach? That must have been priceless seeing your students face! I still cant believe you had the same doctor that delivered my sweet Naomi! <3 you are in great hands! I am wondering, if maybe next time you see him, would it be possible if you can tell him Jill Marish said hello? And you can explain my baby he delivered Naomi Hope in 2009 to preeclampsia. :) bless you & I am praying for many many more weeks with that sweet baby boy inside you!!

  4. Sooooo excited for you! You look great and extremely happy in this pic.

  5. Hi I happend to stroll on to your page from 14 days of love. I want to first start by saying congrats!!! I am so happy you are expecting your rainbow. Praying for you to make it to the end with a wonderful healthy little boy in your arms.

    Next, I don't blame you for craving the publix tuna salad subs. I craved the chicken salads like crazy!! Couldn't have them either. =0)

  6. YAY! SO glad things continue to go well for you. You look stunning!!

    Awesome that you told your students and they were so receptive.

    Catching up---really enjoyed your last post regarding the different types of love.


  7. I loved the photo and keep up the good happy posts... I am praying for you.

  8. Marie, This makes me sooo happy and gives me so much hope!