Thursday, May 27, 2010

Follow-Up Appointment

Last week I got a call back from the OB's office saying that they will not see me for the post OP because they will not get paid for it. After going back and forth with them I just said "stuff it" (not in so many words though). Even though my OB said to see him when the procedure was done, they still refused to honor my appointment.
I still needed to make sure that my incision was healing well, and that all was well, and there was no way I was going back to Gainesville just for a 5 minute appointment, so I made an appointment with my PCP.

Poor fellow, he knows nothing about TAC's so all he could do was look at the incision and say "its healing well!". I had no ultrasound because the tech had no clue what to look for, where to look, and so on. So here I still sit with no idea of what the TAC looks like inside me, where it is placed, how high, get a cervical length check, nothing. I sill have not received the transcript of the procedure nor the pics (and the Dr. is on vacation), so I am ALMOST tempted to call one of those independent facilities that do ultrasounds and have them see me, but with my luck, they probably have no idea what to look for either!
Thanks to all of you who still check up on me though. I am doing great! We are still not TTCing, but will meet with the MFM and OB sometime over the summer to come up with a plan for when we do start trying. I want to make sure that I am getting the best possible care during the next pregnancy and that every facet is covered and a plan in place.

In other exciting news ----------------------------8 more days of school left! Wheeeeeeeeee! I am excited to be able to sleep in (just a little) deep clean our house, organize the closets, shred, file, store, the whole nine yards. What an exciting summer it will be. :-)
And just because some of you asked, no my honey did not find a job yet. The dream job that he had applied for, he called and asked about the status of his application, and they let him know that right now there is a freeze on hiring but as soon as it is lifted, he will be getting a call for an interview.
I just know that call is coming soon. He had a dream Tuesday night and the Bible does state that in the last days....."young men shall dream dreams and see visions". I won't go into detail about the dream but when he was describing the dream, all I kept saying was "wait your turn". God is amazing. He is truly preparing us for something. I may get frustrated with him , but God is still up to something, and I cannot wait to see it come to fruition. He also sent confirmation through someone else. He went t to another church to see a visiting pastor, and the pastor sought him out after the service. The pastor said that there are 3 things he has been praying about, and she wanted him to know that they are about to come to pass. Now, he has never told anyone about these three specific things he has been praying about (not even me!), but for this perfect stranger to approach him and encourage him about these three things can only be confirmation for me. The three things? A healthy live baby :-), a great job, and financial security. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us!>

Continue to keep us both in prayer,
Awaiting my expected end.


  1. Can't wait to see what God has in store for you either!! You have been His devoted follower in some of the MOST trying times...I know He has some amazing plans for you!!!

    Definitely try to get everything checked out from your surgery...I can't believe your OB wouldn't see you...even just has a courtesy given all you've been through!!! Glad you got the incision checked though!

    Still thinking of you often!!

  2. *huge hugs* Marie, I am frustrated for you that your ob is not cooperating. I will pray that all goes well and when you are ready to TTC you TAC will be healthy and ready to protect your little one.

    Praying for God's goodness for you including a new awesome job for hubby.

  3. Bless your heart. Do you already have a MFM lined up? Maybe they could look at your TAC stuff??? I hate that your OB won't take you. After what you've been through????

    I hate that for you. Hate it.

    Sending you lots and lots of love!!

  4. I'm so sorry that your OB is being difficult. I understand it being a business and all, but you still need post-op care.

    So close to the end of school! :D I'm so happy for you! And sending lots of prayers to both of you!

  5. Okay, so I'm thinking that your OB may not be the right one for you. Can you change and see one who will accept you? I just hate knowing you are dealing with this...I want things to be easy and smooth sailing for you honey :)

    I do believe God has great things in store for you Marie. You are a faithful servant and your reward will come...

    Love to you

  6. Sorry to hear that your OB will not see you. God has a plan for you and your family....something FABULOUS!!!!! I can't wait like everyone else to see what that is for you.

  7. You really do make me feel like God is protecting me and has my best interest at hand...I look up to your faith in him...xoxoxo

  8. I love your positive outlook! Sorry about the OB appt. I agree with others, maybe there is a better OB out there for you. There are lessons for me to learn from your faith! God bless and be with you! xoxo

  9. AGH! What CRAP about your OB appt!!!! That is so frustrating! I'm sorry you had to go through that.

    But glad to hear you have a good plan for your summer and that it starts soon!!!


  10. Oh I cannot wait to see God reveal His work in your life!!! So excited!!

  11. That is stupid-silly that they wouldn't take you/cover you for a follow-up appointment!! Wow! Always has to be something frustrating, right?!

    Anyway, please know that I've been thinking about and praying for you daily, Marie! I am always hoping for your expected end!