Thursday, May 6, 2010

9 Days Post OP and General Update

Hi friends!
I must say I am feeling good. I stopped taking the Per.cocet 3 days post op and have now whittled down to 400mg of Ibup.rofen daily. I feel the stretching and burning at the incision site, but have been reassured that it is normal. I did have a scare on Monday though. I woke up from a nap (one of many-ha!) and noticed some brownish discharge on my white undies by the incision site (btw - I am loving the granny panties right now! Who would have thought?) and I freaked out. Truthfully they were 2 or 3 pin sized drops (yes, I know I am a hypochondriac), but when hubby looked at it, he made me freak out even more! Knowing that I should be looking for signs of infection (fever, odor, discharge, warmth at the incision site - which I had none of), I immediately called my R.N stepmother to rush over to our condo, who reassured me all was well with the incision and a little discharge is normal - whew! I should only be worried if it was a good amount, runny and accompanied by fever and chills. It never hurts to be safe huh?
Anyway, I am feeling well and will be going back to work tomorrow. I got up early this morning to move around more and get some minor stuff done (no lifting or bending) to get myself prepared tomorrow. Even though I have an assistant, he is not the greatest, but I will try my best to "take it easy" which for someone with a "type A" personality is quite hard.

On the other hand, hubby was laid off on Tuesday. I am not worried (yet), because as you all remember he is married to the cheapest woman in the world! ha! I like to pinch pennies and have been doing so all year. We do have a rainy day fund, so we are covered for quite a while. Also, I am married to a hard working man who hates sitting on his behind, and he has already filled out 2 applications and has an interview Friday morning to renew his security license so that he can do something until he gets the position he wants. I thank God that he has allowed us to be in this position because many have it worse than we do. We have always lived off of one person's salary, so we will be okay for a few months in relation to the savings we have. I was a bit panicked at first because I felt it would affect us buying a house, TTC-ing, and so on. But now I believe that it is all lining up as part of God's plan. Hubby has wanted to leave that position for a while, especially after the new manager came on board, but I was always afraid for him to leave. I kept reminding him of the economy, the first hired, the first fired, and so on.
Despite me warning him, he was still looking. On Saturday, we looked at a few prospects and there were no openings, but on Tuesday, we looked again after he got the "call" and there were 2 openings! We (meaning I) quickly applied for the position and we are believing that he will get this position. This is the position he has always wanted ( better benefits, more money, flexible schedule for him to return to school, and they pay for you to go to school!). We are believing that this is all a part of God's plan and for some reason, I just know that he is about to work it out for our good. We have decided that since we KNOW that God is about to do something big, that we are still going forth with our house hunting. Please pray and believe with us that he gets this coveted position, and praise God with us that one of us still has a job. I am reminded daily that so many others have no income at all, and they have more than one child (!), so I am grateful to God for his goodness towards us. We are praising him for this termination because he is about to do something big and we cant wait. Please pray and believe with us.
We were originally going to start TTC-ing in a few months (July/August), and when (hear the positive thinking and faith gals?) he gets this job and gets settled comfortably, we will begin TTC-ing. When that will be? No clue, but I am excited for him, and I am relieved to have a few more months to get my body to the place it needs to be. I cannot go to the gym and do any hard workout for the next 10 weeks! That means no Spin, no Zumba, and no Latin Spice - all the classes I love (I can feel the withdrawals already -ha) I am going to see if at my follow up appointment in 2 weeks, if the Dr. will agree to some light cardio.

I came across this quote this morning and had to share it with you, as I know the lord led me to this. It was in one of those "Daily bread" booklets that hubby gets in the mail that I never read.
It talks about longing for spring. When things look bleak, we hear ourselves saying, "when such and such happens, then I will...., or If only so and so...., I would be happy if......, or I would be satisfied with...." The writer reminded me that; We are where we need to be and learning what we need to learn. Stay the course because the things that we experience today will lead us to where he needs us to be tomorrow (Ron Ash). Praise God!

Oh- remember that test? I passed! Hallelujah! Alana asked a question I want to address. She wanted to know if they will put me in a general education classroom if I now have this certification. Not necessarily. I will still be a special education teacher in a special ed environment, but it expands my marketability, and increases my options should "surplussing" come my way. I am now thinking of doing the middle and high certification as well.

Awaiting my expected end.


  1. I so love your positive outlook! It is catchy! I will be praying for God to go ahead and reveal that wonderful awesome blessing he has in store for you and your husband! Thank you for sharing. I needed your catchy positiveness today! ;)Jennifer

  2. OH marie, you have such great spirits with all that has happened in just a few days!! GOod for you, I know how it is anthony has been laid off for months, he is in the union and their just isnt any work (ugh) but I always say God did have a plan with that by allowing him the time to deal with all this and be able to take care of me at the same time...I love what you read today, it answers a lot of questions I have had in the past two days and Im glad you posted far as being cheap...SO AM I...well i work retail and so I know that "eventually" everything goes on sale and it burns me to pay full price too lol...Thinking of you...xoxoxo....Maybe we can "plan" our rainbows all together soon enough

  3. lol my husband got laid off and is married to a penny pincher too-nothing wrong with that! :) Congrats on passing the test!

  4. I have to saythatyour faith and strength are incredible. You really live the WORD!AsIread about Larry's old job I could only think, " In everything give thanks" IKNOW that God is moved by you faith & trust in Him. So encouraging &refreshing. I believe with you for this new job for Larry and I thank God for both the closed and opened doors!!!

    i'm so glad to hear that you are recovering well. Be good to yourself as you go back to work tomorrow. take your time & listen to your body and respond accordingly!
    Many blessings to you!!!

  5. I'm so glad that you're doing so well - take it slow and be careful at work!

    My husband got let go about a month before we lost Maddie - I was terrified at first, but it truly worked out for the best in the end. He got a dream job that has amazing benefits, and he's so much happier. I truly believe that the Lord works in mysterious ways - and am so glad that it sounds like your husband is on a path to happiness!

  6. Glad to hear that the post op stuff is all going well for you, Marie! I've been thinking about you so much! Sorry to hear about dh's job :( It seems like that is happening so much these days. Good to hear that you both are in a good position for getting by with savings and such until he finds a new job though.. that's a blessing! So many people are struggling and it's so sad! And thanks for that quote... it's a wonderful reminder :)

  7. SO glad to hear you are recovering well and you are in such high, positive spirits! You are always such an inspiration!!!

  8. So glad to hear your positive update! Praying for your hubby's job! Congrats on passing the test! Way to go Marie!