Sunday, June 21, 2009


My dad. Ronald aka Ron (and my step-mom). At the age of 6, my two sisters, brother and I lost our mom to Ovarian Cancer. This man stepped up to the plate, worked two jobs (a Soldier and drove a cab in his spare time) to provide for his family. He counseled us, disciplined us, went to school events, but most of all love us. We can always count on him to be there in times of sadness, plenty and want. He was by my side while I was delivering AJ, crying with me and encouraging me. I have seen my father cry, but never like he cried that day. He cried because he was losing his first grandchild, but he cried the hardest because he knew I was in pain and suffering.
I can always count on this man. He pushed all his children to get college degrees and strive for the highest. Having only an 8th grade education, he joined the army at 17. He worked hard and sent all of us to private schools and encouraged us when we struggled. It is because of this man why I am the way I am today. He made sure we were always in church even though he was mad at God for asking his wife.
I love this man to death and always ask God to make him live forever.


Larry. My husband. The father of my child. My "baby daddy". My rib. My strength. The love of my life. What can I say about this man? The one who provides just I can stay home and be bored in the summer. The one who listens to my complaints, wipes away my tears, cries with me, and loves me for me. He never once said anything was my fault, he just held me and comforted me. I could never go through what I went through without him and I'm glad he was the one the lord gave me to experience this life with.
He is an amazing father to his children, he is a great son, boss and friend.

Happy Father's Day to the two most important men in my life.

Awaiting my expected end.


  1. Power-blinking here....

    What wonderful men you have in your life! The love your father has for you (and your siblings) is heartwarming!

    Your sweet DH is such a rock for you...I love that he is such a source of comfort.

    Happy Father's Day to both of them!

  2. Wow...both of these wonderful men have a wonderful woman in their lives!!! To write such an amazing hope you let them see it!!

  3. Marie--wow. I sat here crying throught this whole post! What amazing me you have as such integral parts of your life. Thanks for sharing how special they are to you!

  4. So blessed to have such wonderful men in your life! Happy Father's Day to them both!