Monday, December 12, 2011

A Favor Please?

A sweet blog friend who was such an encouragement to me when I was pregnant with Spencer just experienced a 4th loss. Her sweet Israel Grayson went to be with his sisters due to a cord incident. He was supposed to be delivered by C-Section on the Dec 16th. Please stop by and shower her with love. I have 131 followers and I am sure you all have many more. Please post this message on your blog and encourage your followers to shower her with love as well.

I am all too aware of how this community bands together and uplifts each other in our times of need. Please. If there is one thing I ask...... This is it. Israel Grayson will be laid to rest Tuesday at 2:00p.m. Tanika's blog is

Thank you!


  1. I'm so very sorry for your friend's never gets any easier. Will definitely be praying for their family.

  2. prayers for your friend. i'll head over to her blog right now for some support!


  3. I'm so sorry for your friend. :( I tried going to the blog but it said it didn't exist?

  4. ok, nevermind! lol user error I guess!

  5. Marie, I'm devastated for her! Praying for her & her family.

  6. Sweetest Marie,

    My heart is absloutely breaking....I sit here in a puddle of tears as I type, as no one should ever endure this pain. Her FAITH is incredible and I so admire how she savored every second with Israel Greysun. I'll be holding her close to heart and lifting her in prayer. I wanted to leave a comment, but couldn't, which saddens me so very much. Please let her know this BLM sends love and prayers.

    Big Hugs, as I know you understand her pain.

  7. I'm in tears here! This is the most heart-breaking situation and I wish there was more that I could do than just leave her a little message. I can't imagine her pain and all the things she must endure in the next few weeks, not to mention years! So many prayers lifted up for her, as only God can mend this and heal her heart, and I'm not even sure how!

  8. I just don't understand why these horrible losses must keep occuring? Just is not fair! :( Makes it hard for me to keep the faith.

  9. Thank you all for your compassion,thoughts,and prayers. We are taking things day by day. Please know that your prayers for us have been our lifeline and we are thankful for each prayer that your prayed on our behalf.

    Many blessings!

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