Monday, September 19, 2011

Saying Hi

Hey all!

I promise I have not neglected this blog. I am back at work and struggling to juggle. I will be back posting soon.

Here are some pics of Spencer. He is now 5 months. Time sure is flying!

Enjoying our expected end,


  1. He is just too cute for words!!! Such a beautiful famiy you all make!

    Lots of love and can't wait to hear more from you soon!


  2. He is so stinkin' cute! I can't believe how big he is!!!! Thanks for sharing the pics! :)

  3. He looks adorable! A big congratulations, and thank you for the update.

  4. I love these pictures! Love that little bottom - what a cutie and I'm so proud for you! Sixteen years from now he is going to get you for putting his nakedness on here & FB!!!! I have a giveaway on Meredith's blog - would love for you to enter. xoxo

  5. Love the pictures! Oh my gosh he is so handsome!

  6. He is so stinkin' cute and I love that he's drooling in the first picture :-)

    You guys really are a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing these pics with us.

  7. Toooooo cute! Can't wait for you to start blogging again. I've become abscence as well. Definately am going to start updating again....

  8. He is precious! I can't believe I missed this news. I have really been out of blogging touch! So very thankful that you have Spencer in your arms.

  9. Marie! I'm so bummed I didn't see you at Crossway on Easter Sunday! I'll be back in July! Hope to see you then!!