Wednesday, March 30, 2011

34 Weeks!

My new best friend. Yea.... silly me thought I would have gotten away with no stretch marks. No such luck. I literally woke up Saturday morning and wowza! There they were. Now I am diligent with applying this paste. Hopefully its not too late.

How many weeks: 34 weeks - Praise God!

How am I feeling: Excited, nervous, terrified!

Doctor’s Appointment: This morning (Last MFM appointment) and this Friday 04/01 (OB appointment).

Weight Gain: 8.5 lbs (but will know for sure after today's appointment.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity

Baby Preparation: More de-cluttering and organizing.

Gender: Boy!!! Spencer Nathan W.

Sleep: Interrupted. My nightly bathroom trips total 6 times per night between bedtime and 6:00 am

Best moment this week: Realizing Spencer is still baking away

Movement: Still seeing "waves" across my stomach as he moves. Such a wonder to watch and every time I see it I am in awe of God's creation!

Food cravings: Nothing this week (yet!).

What I miss: Getting up at night without having to wake up hubby to help me get out of the bed.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting the next milestones: 35 weeks (4 days away), and delivery (but not anytime soon!), and our 2nd baby shower this afternoon!

Milestones: Getting to 34 weeks.

I woke up Sunday morning an emotional mess. I could not stop crying. I am so grateful to have gotten this far. After losing Alyssa-Joy and Evan, we really thought we were not meant to have children, but when day after day passes and Spencer is still rolling around and God is still making a way, I feel blessed to have been given a third chance. God is indeed an awesome God and the TAC is a wonderful thing!

I will update on Friday after both appointments.

Awaiting my expected end,


  1. Sadly, my stretch marks didn't really show themselves until after Cooper came out and things went down...ugh, but I got a really cute baby out of it!

    Have fun at your babyshower this afternoon and I look forward to reading your updates on your doc appointments!

  2. Yeah for stretch marks! They are your new badge of honor! I'm so glad that you have made it so far. It will be soo soon and you'll be posting sweet little Spencer pictures for all of us to see!
    I love that you have only gained 8 pounds... I just got a "talking to" the other day from my OB for gaining that much in a month... :)

  3. Oh Marie! I'm so incredibly happy to hear you have made it this far! TACs are definitely little miracles that help to bring about the best miracle ever! I just can hardly wait to see you with sweet Spencer in your arms! There is just nothing like holding a live, crying, breathing, squirming baby in your arms, after only holding our precious silent angels before. You are going to be such an incredible mommy. There is nothing like the love an appreciation of every single little detail of your baby that comes from being a BLM! Have a great shower!

  4. Congrats on 34 weeks and have a great apt and baby shower today! And apt on Friday as well! My friend is being induced on Friday with her baby girl, April Fools day! :) I still cant elieve you have the dr that delivered my sweet Naomi. Tell him I said hello.

  5. Look at that blossoming baby belly! HOW CUTE! I am so happy for you...its hard to believe how quickly this pregnacy has progressed. Baby Spencer is a true miracle from God and a reminder of His promises & faithfulness to you & DH.

    I am sure that you will be showered with lots of love & gifts at the shower today. Have FUN! Did your co-workers have a change of heart and decide to host one for you?

  6. I'm going to get some of that Tummy butter today! I haven't seen any pop up and they say it's genetic and my family doesn't really have them, but I'm not trying to press my luck!

    Loving the good reports!!!

  7. The tummy butter helps with the itch, the stretch marks can be itchy. They also mean that you have made it far enough into the pregnancy to get them, so congratulations!

  8. I consider my stretch marks "battle scars" from fighting each step of the way :). They depressed me when I looked at them offer I lost Cora. Now, after Sophi, I have a whole new perspective on both pregnancies. You will too!!

    I laughed out loud at the up at night to go comment. I actually blocked out the bathroom trips from my memory. Oh man! Up and down. Up and down. I drank so much water it was ridiculous. Really. Lol! The first few weeks after birth you've still gotta go. Then one day it becomes normal again.

    So happy for you :)

  9. This is so amazing! miracles do happen! Yes God is making a way!

  10. You are looking fab mama! :) Oh those darn stretch marks! Lainey gave me some this time around. She just had to leave her mark! lol

  11. You look awesome! Glad thing are well.

  12. Hello beautiful mama,

    I haven't been on the computer much lately, but I have been thinking of you and baby. I hope you are doing well and I'm amazed that you're pregnant and kept it a secret for so long! More so, I'm in awe that you had the TAC and didn't tell anyone- it was a big deal in my family :-)

    I'm so glad it's working and holding tight and baby is on his way. What a miracle! I'm at 17w4d today and currently more pregnant than I've ever been! The TAC is a beautiful thing- thank God!

    I hope to be reading some wonderful news soon. Hope youare doing well.

    Much love,