Monday, September 20, 2010

Sorry ;-)

* I have had this post typed for the past week and could not upload it via my I.POD.

Hello everyone! So so sorry for leaving you all in suspense. A HUGE thank you to all of you who sent emails, comments, and texts of concerns.

I can be found these days hugging the toilet seat - lol. Morning sickness is kicking my butt! I never had m/s with Alyssa or Evan, but now I can barely function. This is new territory for me..... pray for me. Ha!

So we went to our appointment last Friday and while in the waiting room I kept saying, "maybe the tests were wrong. Maybe my body is tricking itself into believing I am pregnant". Ha! "Congratulations" were the first thing out of the nurses mouth after the urine test was done.
I still say that my OB is awesome! I went in there ready with a list of demands, and before I could open my mouth, he already had a plan that aligned with mine. He was so happy to see us..... he even remembered the room number where we delivered Evan :-(. He called all his nurses and partners (we were the last appointment) to let them know about us and the fact that we have the TAC. He also wanted them to know that if we called or came in, we are to be seen immediately (I love this man). He vowed to hand us a live baby in our arms nine months from now and no a minute sooner!

The plan:
* visits and ultrasounds every other week along with CL checks
* 17P shots starting at 16 weeks
*bedrest of my cervix gets between 2.5 - 3.0 cm

At first, he had said "the further along you get I am putting you in full disability" until he saw my face! I said, "I have the TAC! I won't need bedrest, but I will take it easy". I have every faith in my God and the TAC so I am standing and saying that I will not need bedrest. I am walking by FAITH and not SIGHT!
Between him and the MFM, I will be seen weekly starting at 14 weeks.

So.... according to the informal u/s that was done, I am 7 weeks, 2 days today. Our next official u/s is on Friday (Sept 24) where we will get a more accurate date and beginning CL check.
My husband is also driving me crazy! He checks my temp everyday and demands that I call him to inspect the tp every time I pee. now he's the tp watcher -ha!
So, right now we are just hanging out around the commode waiting for something exciting to happen! I have tried everything! Sea bands (work when they want to), jolly.ranchers (leave a nasty taste in my mouth), sal.tine crackers (leaves my mouth dry), and now we are trying ginger tea.

On the job front..... still nothing yet, but we are not panicking. God has something in store and as anxious as we are to see what it is (because you know, me being a literal person and all), we have to remind ourselves that all in his timing, not ours.
I asked the dh the other day, "why did he choose for us to go through this now?" We have no answer yet, but we are holding on and believing something miraculous is about to take place in our lives. Please continue to lift us up in prayer as we do the same for you.

Awaiting my expected end.


  1. Yay! There you are, pretty lady! We've definitely been lifting you up to the Lord. So glad you're hugging the potty, I hear that's always a good sign (even when it feels terrible!) You know God has a plan here, and He hold this whole situation in His loving and all-knowing Hands. See, He's already providing for you with your wonderful medical staff! I have complete faith that you guys are going to come out of this just fine. ((GIANT HUGS))

  2. Sweetest Marie,

    I am so very happy that you have such a wonderful Doctor who is attentive to your needs :) THAT means everything!

    As for the morning sickness, I'm sorry. However, I did find comfort in your words knowing that you did not have it with Alyssa and Evan, as I am now 8w and have yet to see it. Talk about worried...with Christian it started at 5 weeks. At any rate, you helped to calm my worries and reiterate that "every preg is different".

    I have a little something that you may try for the m/s. My RE gave me some Morning Sickness lollie pops at the last visit (guess he thought I'd eventualy need them) called B-natal. Just go to your pharmacy counter and ask for them, as they are non-prescription, but behind the counter. Aparently, they are infused with B-12, which should help :) Worth a try!

    Sending you love and well wishes as you journey on. We are just days apart :)


  3. Congratulations!!! I'm so glad you have the TAC and your faith holding strong!

  4. oh marie ((((hugs))))) I was talking to my MFM sat about the morning sickness and how i am afraid of 'losing' the folic acid vitamins that i desperately need for the MTHFR disorder, so they gave me a more gentler one and i have been on them for 2 days and they are really helping me. I am afraid to be hypermesis like i was with Alyssa...let me know if you want the name of the vitamins..they basically have a B6 vitamin in them that helps with the nausea...i cant say im not puking...just not puking 24/ if this brings me a baby HOME i dont care what i have to do...xooxo...and im sure you agree...i also dont want you doing more than you need to, if the drs want you resting...then you better rest!!! love you girl, glad we are doing this together <3

  5. So glad you are doing well (except m/s). This is the one that you will bring home! Try Ginger Ale. It is carbonated and might just go down easier than ginger tea. Also at the Motherhood stores they sell those Prego Pops that I have heard really work great! I hope you feel better soon! xoxo

  6. marie;o)
    Sorry about the morning sickness, but glad you have sucha wonderful doctor. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. (HUGS))

  7. Such good news, I mean, to me I'll take the morning sickness and anything else that comes, just to have a sweet baby at the end of the road!! However, I know that working with children and wanting to (or actually) puke your guts up is NO fun!!! So, I'm praying that it eases up asap, and that you find something that helps it! Lemonade helped me just a little!! Praying for continued goodness!!!

  8. Wonderful news, Marie, that your doc is on top of things! I guess the toilet is your new best friend! I'm so happy for you, m.s. and all - I can hardly wait to see your baby - but I know I have about 7 months to wait! Praying for you, hon, and believing on a wondeful expected end for you and hubby and little one! xoxoxo