Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Introduction

Hey ladies! (and gents?)

Thanks for the wonderful comments on the last post. It's nice to know that I am not the only one addicted to romance novels - I love happy endings!
Off the top of my head, the books that spoke about loss are: Some.thing Real by J.J Murray (a man!), Lisa Mu.rray was the other author (I forgot the title) and I have to remember where I put the other books.

The first week back is down and it was successful! Hallelujah! They finally hired anther ESE teacher (full time) so my class load of 84 students has been cut in half. I actually have a lunch and and planning now. Lovely! I am excited for what this year holds.

I am also back in school (again-I am a life-long learner - I love learning) and one of the classes I am taking for my phD is quite unique. It deals with handling the marginal teacher as well as teachers who are angry, troubled exhausted, and just plain confused (the actual title of the class and book). In the first class, the professor asked us to take out two things out of our pocketbooks or wallets that best describe us and will let everyone know something about us that is not visible. I struggled with this simple activity because what I really wanted others to know, I was scared how it might be taken. After going back and forth, I finally gave in to that small voice.
I took out my umbrella - because you know I am always prepared :-), and I took out the little album I walk around with. My introduction was "this precious album best describes me because I am an angel mom." That's when the round of questions started. "what's an angel mom?" "is it a club?" I was only too happy to explain. After I explained I felt........ satisfied. I educated a whole classroom! Even if I only glossed over the details, I left those other professionals with something they did not know before. So the next time they hear someone say "I am an angel mom", their response will be; "I am so sorry."

Awaiting my expected end.


  1. It's beautiful that you shared your angels with the class. The only way for people to quit feeling uncomfortable around those in our situations is for us to speak openly about it.

    Bless you for educating those who have never been there

  2. Thhat realy is an awesome feeling isn't it! I'm so glad it went well. Whishing you all the best!

  3. Beautiful! Love that you shared that! You are changing the world one group of people at a time!! Hugs!!!

  4. (((HUGS))), Marie. Yes you are an angel mom and I pray that someday soon you will be an earthly mom, too!

  5. Wow! Beautiful and Brave. Sending you Hugs;O)

  6. So proud of you Marie! It took real, honest courage to share your angels with a classroom of teaching professionals. You were honest with yourself and shared what does define you the best, your children.

    And, you left your footprint on the hearts of others when you said "I am an Angel Mom". Somewhere, someday, one of those people in that room that listened to you will use that knowledge to comfort another and that is simply beautiful :)

    Have a wonderful week and I am so happy that you no longer have the same stress load at work. Enjoy your planning time and lunch!


  7. Hey Marie, you are often on my mind and in my prayers. I truly want to be like you when I grow up :) You exude a wisdom and courage that exceeds your years. It is so apparent that your purpose in life is far greater than you know. You are being groomed for greatness. You have the spirit to touch other peoples' lives. And your journey, as difficult as it has been, is preparing your for your ultimate destiny. I know you take comfort in knowing that the Lord will not forsake you and your faith will be rewarded.

    Losing children is the most difficult event in a person's life. There are so many angel moms who can not cope with such a loss and feel isolated in their grief. You remind all of us that we don't have to hide our losses and to celebrate our children's short time here on earth. I have always kept Raymond and Ellis' memorial boxes hidden; I chose to look at them alone. I finally took them out and place them in the living room and I take RJ to see them everyday and to say hello to his big brothers.

    It took a tremendous amount of heart to disclose something so deeply personal, but I know everyone in that room walked away more knowledgable and sensitive to what they may have simply dismissed as an inconvenience. On behalf of all angel moms, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    p.s. I will say a prayer for Larry

  8. Awareness!!! You go girl! I'm a firm believer to help women like ourselves you have to make the general public aware so they will know how to handle "us". Love it! Glad you were comfortable doing just that. Have a blessed week.

  9. That's awesome, Marie! I love how it's all the rage lately with us angel moms to educate without dropping bombs. How very fortunate your class was to get a "brain stretch" from you!