Sunday, August 22, 2010

Even in my addictions....

I have a confession to make....... I am addicted to romance novels. Yes, it's true. I have a secret affair with romance novels that only my close family knows about (shame faced). I don't read these novels in public in fact, I read in my bedroom or on the porch
And while I am reading, Larry dare not bother me! In the past few weeks, I have read three books where pregnancy loss is mentioned. One character had two early miscarriages, one second trimester loss, and a stillbirth. The last baby was carried while on hospital bedrest, was delivered by c-section, and lived for a few minutes after birth. The reason: problems with the placenta. Another character experienced 4 miscarriages for reasons unknown. Another character had infertility treatments, one miscarriage, and one second trimester loss at 5 months after which the dr advised surrogacy or adoption. The loss at 5 months was due to IC. In this book the author described the agony the mother felt as she was miscarrying. The hopelessness, the guilt, the shame..... All the emotions we have all gone through. Of course, all these women had happy endings, but the story line itself stayed with me for days.... It makes me wonder why the authors came up with these story lines? Is it from personal experience? What would make them use such a taboo subject as part of a story line? It seems as if everywhere I turn, infertility, pregnancy and infant loss are being made aware. I shudder to think all the women (and some men) who just gloss over these story lines. Have they always been used an I have just never paid attention? Or is this something new as these things are more prevalent?

Awaiting my expected end.


  1. Interesting. I do think that there is more awareness and people like you and like me are starting to speak up because really, if we don't who will?!? I'm praying we all end up with happy endings!

  2. Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am addicted to Romance novels...also. What can I say? I am a sucker for a happy ending. I like historical romance. The baby always makes it in those books. I have never read one where baby loss is addressed. Until losing Eli, sadly, it never crossed my mind. I hate to admit that but it is true. Now, it is a constant in my mind. What books were you reading? I am again, sadly, glad that it is being brought out into public awareness. I say sadly because I so wish that no woman ever had to deal with this. How is school going? Have the students come back already? Praying for you and that romance novel ending!

  3. You are too cute...your addiction!

    I think it's kind of interesting too that those stories seem to be involved in so many plotlines. Sad, because it shows how common it is, as well as something so relatable to so many women.

    Lots of love as work picks up and you await....keeping you lifted!

  4. I like romance novels too. :)

    And that's interesting about the story lines. I wonder if the author has a personal experience or if someone close to them does?

  5. WRiters have the goal of wanting to connect to the reader thru emotions and unfortunately baby/child loss tugs at most women's heart strings. Which allows the author to capture the readers attention, connect with emotions and draw the reader in.

    I have found that cancer is used in the same way...its just so sad. What is even sadder is that both are a reality of life.

    Makes me sad...and like Holly said, the author could be channeling a personal experience. You know, even the drama Brother's & Sisters had miscarriage written into the script and I love that show, but opted to skip that episode. I just was not in the right place to watch emotionally.

    Hope that you are well Marie. Sending you lots of HUGS!

  6. Hi, Marie - I like romance, too, but I'm addicted to memoirs and non fiction books, so I haven't read many romances lately. Writers do a lot of research before they write books, so maybe they are seeing child loss and infertility, problem pregnancies,etc, as "hot" topics and decide to write about them. I wish there were no such things, but, sadly, there is. Hugs to you - hope school is going OK.

  7. I am glad to hear that at least the writer is describing accurately the pain a woman goes through during loss. I am sure though its still hard to read.