Friday, May 13, 2011

Quickly Checking In

Hello everyone!

Whew! I must say motherhood is hard but extremely rewarding! I spent the entire pregnancy worrying about getting to full term that I never thought about the first month. We have had sleepless nights, unconsolable crying fits, blowout diapers, did I say sleepless nights? We are exhausted and trying to get into a routine.

Spencer is now 2 1/2 weeks old and is developing his own personality a little more everyday. Boy does this prince have a set of lungs! :-). He is napping briefly right now which gives me a few minutes to just say hi to all of you and hopefully after we develop a routine I will be doing more posts and updates along with some pictures.

Enjoying our expected end,


  1. It can def be exhausting but so worth it! And you get a lot less 'you' time to do things like blog! I'm sure you are soaking it up though and enjoying every moment.

  2. Without knowing the specific details of the challenges Spencer is presenting I will just say swaddle, swaddle swaddle. My newborns loved being swaddled and I did so for every sleep up to 5-6 months. It also helps a fussy newborn to calm himself.

    Good luck on the hardest and best journey life has to offer!